Wedding Party


Andrea (Oliver) Cammilleri
Laura's sister who lives in Madison, WI, with her husband Mike and dog Frankie, where she loves seeing live music and hosting her sister for long weekends. Backyard solo synchronized swimming champion title winner five years running.

Rachel Lande
Laura and Paul's friend in Minneapolis. Rachel was the first person Laura met at the Calhoun Beach Running Club, and the two have been close friends ever since. Loves it when Laura and Paul leave art at her house.

Julia Fanous
Laura and Paul's friend in Minneapolis who likes cats, bikes, the city of New Orleans and her husband Mike (almost always). Laura and Julia met through mutual friends and have bonded over baking, art classes, and coffee.Master of cat disguise.

Alison Donnelly
Paul's sister who gave up the sunny and warm life in California to take a job saving the world with GSK in sunny and warm North Carolina. Has a PhD in medicinal chemistry and can probably also levitate.

Rebecca Donnelly
Paul's youngest sister who is currently attending veterinary school at Cornell. Only has one cat despite her fascination with animals. Once did 8 pushups (in a row!)


Shawn Walsh
Paul's best friend since high school. Lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife Danielle and toddler Olivia. Has a strange fascination with The Little Mermaid.

Patrick Donnelly
Paul's younger brother. Lives in Albany, NY making ALL the video games you play. Says he eats mushrooms for nutrition, but is secretly hoping to find a 1-Up.

Corey Maul
Paul and Laura's friend and Paul's co-worker at Medicom Health. Lives in Minneapolis, MN where there is ice on the lakes year round. Wrestled a bear to a draw.

Mike Mason
Paul and Laura met Mike running at the Calhoun Beach Running Club in Minneapolis, MN. Works as a lawyer focusing primarily on bird law. Made his fortune in the used hot dog business.

Chris Miller
Paul's and Laura's friend who formerly lived in Minneapolis, but currently resides in Geneva, NY with Emily Fisher. Has a PhD in Psychology and teaches the youth of tomorrow. Is able to find order in anarchy.